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Social Media Business Strategy & Implementation

Ultimately, a digital or social media strategy is a dialogue between the user and the company, a continual process of updating content and nurturing the relationship. A degree of brand control is relinquished when a digital strategy is employed, but understanding this and managing to it can enhance effectiveness.

As companies strive to compete in the ever-expending digital marketplace, we work with clients to identify and address important strategic questions that will help them determine the best direction for their social media platform. Questions we explore and work to solve include:

  • What is the overarching goal or rationale for developing a social media platform? 
  • How does the company establish a meaningful connection with its stakeholder through this strategy? 
  • How does the initiative or content support the company’s brand and innovation? 
  • How does this initiative expand beyond the initial concept? What is the viral element?
  • How do we measure success?

Our team creates editorial calendars, writes, and implements and manages many of our client’s social media channels.


Lead Generation & Relationship Building

Lead generation marketing is about identifying new and different ways to attract people to your organization so they become interested in learning more about what you do. But you have to have something interesting to say. We position our partners as leaders of industry by pushing intriguing and well-written content out through different distribution channels where potential clients, donors, participants, students, etc. are already active.

Through social media marketing, email marketing, and inbound/marketing automation, we build and execute programs that distribute content, attract leads, capture information, and move prospects along the sales & marketing funnel.

We also work to develop programs and events that reach highly-specialized audiences. By identifying the trends and issues leading a particular industry, we pinpoint the most relevant topics, then create vehicles for delivery. Opportunities may include seminars/webinars, executive roundtables, collateral pieces and op-eds, community initiatives and industry awards, fundraisers, etc.

Web Site & Collateral Writing

The language our clients use—whether speaking to internal or external stakeholders—should be as precise as possible both in choice of words and in expression of thought. In today’s fast-paced environment, less is more no matter what the audience.

With a focus on keyword and SEO-rich writing, we maximize an organization’s marketing efforts by letting Internet search engines do some of the heavy lifting. Efficiency parallels budget consciousness. We have written and produced complete web site content, monthly e-newsletters, collateral pieces and brochures, speakers bureau packages, internal company magazines, ad copy, industry award entries, and the like. Writing for all types of mediums is our passion and our expertise.


Community Outreach & Event Management

Events often are very visual, public opportunities to reach a target audience, so it is imperative to have a clear understanding of what is to be communicated, to whom and how at the onset. Our approach to event creation and execution is unconventional and bold. We are thoughtful, methodical and creative in our implementation while always keeping an eye to the overall brand objective and budget. Our turn-key method means you have only one point of contact keeping you informed of everything taking place.

Organization or event sponsorships offer a natural entry point to a specific industry or cause. Cultivating these community relationships often result in a third-party endorsement from these organizations that will elevate your acceptance by key professionals. Elements of an overall strategy may include advocacy and relationship building, vertical market exposure and collateral campaigns.