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External & Internal Comms Strategy

The types of communications programs we recommend and build depend significantly on where an organization is in its lifecycle. Who is it ready to speak to and how? What vehicles are available—or what can we create—to deliver company messages?

External communications, like all levers of the business, must be synchronized with the brand ideals. With careful analysis of each client from the inside out, we make recommendations on strategy that reflect the company’s brand direction as well as shifts in consumer and relevant industry trends.

Internal communications is essential because everyone associated with an organization are carriers of the brand. People outside the marketing function have as much or more influence on how the organization is perceived. Therefore, cross-functional incorporation and employee alignment are critical.


Story/Narrative Development

What is your organization’s defining focus? Telling this story requires confident ownership and public claims of leadership in a few key areas. It also requires the development of some new aspects of the story that have yet to be told. Stories and a broad narrative that address the subject matter expertise of a company enhance its opportunities to participate and guide relevant conversations, and enter every aspect of its marketing presence.

Further development of nuanced topics within other areas of focus and interest allow us to tie our experts into commentary and advice that help position an organization as a category leader. Our passion lies here, and we see tremendous results from this element of a well-planned program.


Branded Content

Companies with an eye to the future are embracing the idea of branded content. We believe it is the currency of business today and that by developing a content strategy, organizations will extend their reach in the most authentic way to all their target stakeholders.

Our team is experienced at helping clients identify the few topics they want to own, finding something distinctive to say, and knowing where to deliver it. But that is just the beginning. The content needs to be compelling, profound and forward looking every time for maximum impact with clients, prospects, readers and users. We are keen on applying our love of research, depth of clients’ trades, and passion for writing to this type of work.


National Media Relations

Media relations programs require a very individualized approach. We work with clients to determine specifically what stakeholders to reach, what outlets will accomplish that, and what story is relevant for each outlet. An effective program involves consistent contact with the editorial community, proving that a company and its leadership are consistently viable sources. It often incorporates some configuration of story angle and message development, expert positioning, industry and trend research, media outlet identification and pitching.

In the past year alone, our media team has garnered placements in the foremost national business and consumer media outlets including Forbes, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Investor’s Business Daily, Huffington Post, CNNMoney, MONEY Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, TIME, USA Today, Washington Post, More Magazine,, CBS MoneyWatch, and Industry trade and other vertical outlets are also a focus for many clients. Recent examples may be found on our home page.