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Hydration Motivation

When most of us think dehydration, what usually comes to mind is running on a hot day, sweating through our shirt and gasping for breath. Crawling in the desert, looking towards a mirage may be a second thought. What we don’t think about, is the businessman, wearing a collared shirt with a jacket, getting lost in his work for eight or more hours, that forgets to drink a glass of water.

He stands up quickly, throwing off his balance, dizzy, but thinks nothing of it. He gets tired earlier and easier, but he’s been working too hard lately. His skin starts to sag slightly, losing some of it’s color, but that’s just due to age.

Unfortunately, each and every one of these symptoms is caused by lack of water, or dehydration. With meetings, calls, presentations and other activities that happen in an office daily, drinking water is not the highest priority for anyone and usually becomes an afterthought. But, forgetting to drink high quality H2O has adverse effects on your work quality and health.

The body is made of up to 78% water, which helps to maintain temperature, brain function and protect organs. Trying to memorize a presentation or concentrate on reading a proposal becomes easier when your brain and body are nourished. From a beauty standpoint, drinking water helps to clear skin, quicken metabolism and lose weight.  In comparison, losing just 4% of your body’s water, which could be meager pounds, will cause fainting, skin shriveling, blood pressure dropping and your body overheating. Further water loss can result in organ damage and, at 10%, loss of life.

The average adult should drink 12 eight ounce glasses of water per day for basic function. That may seem like too much water to handle, especially in the fast paced world that we live in.  Here are ways to make sure you stay a few steps ahead of dehydration in the workplace.


  1. Set an alarm for every hour you are at work, and drink a glass of water every time the alarm goes off. The alarm will shake you out of your work trance and remind you to take a break. It will get your eyes off of your computer screen, give you a chance to stretch your legs, and hydrate your body. That’s already 8 glasses of water!

  2. Bring a favorite glass or mug to work with you and set it on your desk. Having a piece of your home life with you will help you relax and remind you that your glass is empty. Switch out mugs regularly, so that it doesn’t become a fixture on your desk that you don’t notice.

  3. Switch up your water routine to make it a little more fun. Drink sparkling or flavored water instead of still. Squeeze some lemon juice or lime juice into your glass. Add vitamin powder to your drink to help increase your immune system at the same time as hydration.


Make drinking water a habit; realize you should drink it before you absolutely need it. Take into consideration how easy it is to give your body sustenance, clear the skin, improve memory and deepen sleep.

All you need to do is pick up the glass.

And drink.  

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