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Perfect Your Brand’s Presence Through Social Media

Recently, our president spoke to members of Roswell Inc's Roswell Business Academy on the importance of having a social media presence for your company. Social media usage is a key factor in a company’s success and can strengthen brand awareness.

It may seem like every other business is engaging with customers on Facebook, getting connected on LinkedIn, and uploading photos to Instagram—except you. Maybe you’ve set up your accounts and posted some content, but don’t completely understand the value of implementing social media campaigns.

Many organizations trying to go “social” are feeling the same way, wondering: Is this really worth my time? The truthful answer? Absolutely! Social media is the public personality of your enterprise and it can greatly grow your business. Managing and maintaining a brand is critical in attracting more customers, but the process can be simple. Organizations that find the most success in social marketing set realistic goals, choose the best platforms, follow a plan, and monitor results. During the Roswell Business Academy session, we talked about what to do, what not to do, and how to take your social profile to the next level.

An essential starting point when it comes to building a strong social media presence is to analyze your buyer persona. Before you dive into social marketing, you must make sure that your target audience engages with

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Shaping Up For Summer

Remember your New Year’s resolutions? We’re mid-year now and where are we with those? For those of us who have lost our January motivation, the summer season can get you back into the groove.

Setting a goal to be more active at work is a great resolution to start in the summer. Spending time creating a fun workout plan and cooking healthy meals can help you reach a summer goal to live a healthier lifestyle. Whether wanting to shed a few pounds or simply become more active, create a plan that is realistic to your work schedule.

Here are three easy ways to keep active at work so you stay healthy and happy at home:

Morning workouts: Early birds get the best elliptical! For anyone who wants to start the work day off with a boost of energy, get to the gym before work, take the dog for a walk, or do a 20-minute yoga routine. Relieve stress and gain an energy boost before a big meeting by running or walking a couple miles. Exercising in the morning releases endorphins that supply your body with energy all day. Let a quick trip to the gym wake you up instead of relying on the espresso.

Bringing lunch: Expand your cooking skills by testing out different healthy recipes. Bring a fresh lunch to work rather than buying fast-food – it saves on the money and calories. If running low on time and it’s impossible to

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The Honor of Representing the Alma G. Davis Foundation

“There is no testimony without a test, and that is exactly what Alma G. Davis has taught us.”

Actor Sterling K. Brown’s opening statement at the 2017 Dinner for Divas Gala was certainly profound and set up the evening perfectly. On June 24, the Alma G. Davis Foundation held its 8th annual event to honor victims of domestic abuse, specifically women and girls beginning at age 13. We partnered with the organization to aid in the eradications of domestic violence and celebrate the strength of these beautiful women. It was an incredible experience!

Alarming statistics show that 25 percent of women and men are abused by an intimate partner, and we feel it important to help share this message and that of ways to help. In the weeks leading up to the star-studded celebration, we managed multiple social media platforms to connect the community and media with news of the organization and upcoming Gala. Information about the Alma G. Davis Foundation and Dinner for Divas reached thousands.

Many highly-reputable media outlets wrote about the event and came out to celebrate with us. On the day of the Gala, our team worked with the reporters, bloggers, and photographers in attendance to interview Alma

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Maximizing Professional Brand as a Business Asset

Building a company is also about creating a brand story. And like any great story, this one should share ideas, influence thoughts, and provoke new ways of doing business. As leaders of these enterprises, our expertise starts to become our professional narrative and it becomes important to actively manage that as you would any part of your business.

Storytelling informs clients and customers, current and future employees, and other stakeholders about the expertise a company provides. Your professional narrative tells those same audiences what your contribution is to all this. Is your story as clearly defined as the one your organization is telling?

Forbes contributor, Glenn Llopis, shares his ideas about personal professional branding, “[It] should represent the value you are able to consistently deliver to those whom you are serving. You should be creating awareness for your brand by showcasing your achievements and success stories.”

Discovering the story’s purpose makes it easier to connect with an audience on a more meaningful, professional level. People don’t always remember data and numbers, but they are likely to remember the way a story made them feel; never pass up an opportunity to connect emotionally.  Your story not only sets yourself, but your organization, apart from everyone else. When you show your vulnerability and ask people to do the same, it builds trust.

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Let’s Talk About Sleep, Baby

Sleep is one of the first things we neglect when life gets a bit too hectic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calls our sleep habits – or lack thereof -- a “public health epidemic,” on the same level as an outbreak of disease, because a very small percentage of people can function properly with little to no sleep.

Almost half the population isn’t getting enough sleep. The effects of not getting enough sleep may even carry over into some jobs. “Researchers at Harvard University and Boston College found that people seem to strengthen the emotional components of a memory during sleep, which may help spur the creative process.” explains that getting more sleep consolidates memories which makes them stronger and your brain appears to reorganize and restructure them, which may result in more creativity as well. Some days you feel the effects of lack of sleep more than others, and we call know what the bad days can be like.

How do we make changes to help our sleep habits? Below are some of the most tried and true tips to improve the quality of your sleep and your life.

Listen to your body: Neglecting sleep is easy because the adverse effects don’t impact the body all at once. However, the human body will do everything in its power to regain homeostasis. It’ll tell you repeatedly that sleep is the answer. Besides the obvious signs like yawning and heavy eyelids, look out for breakouts on your skin, feeling like you’re in a fog, being more on-edge, and hormonal changes that increase appetite.

Hack your office: Getting more sunlight during the day has been proven to help you sleep better at

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Principles in Practice

You have seven seconds…Go!! You’re probably thinking, seven seconds for what? Well, according to research, people tend to make their first impression within the first seven seconds of meeting somebody. How we look shapes the message we are conveying.

Body language communicates attitude, emotions, and intentions and can punctuate, emphasize and enliven messages.

 Communication involves both verbal and nonverbal messages to create a shared understanding. In today’s world, much of our communication is digital and often it’s difficult to understand the true meaning behind the electronically-delivered content. Being behind a computer, we tend to forget the principles of body language that come naturally when we are speaking with somebody, whether at a conference, a business development meeting, or with colleagues.

I recently read an article on Leonardo da Vinci’s “painted psychoanalysis,” the Mona Lisa. The portrait illustrates mixed emotions. Depending on the angle the portrait is viewed, the woman is sometimes perceived to be smiling, while other times appearing more serious.  The painting allows viewers to create their own opinion of her depending on their observation.

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